Stray Dog Refuses To Leave The Side Of Pregnant And Injured German Shepherd Friend Laying In The Road

The love and loyalty that dogs express never ceases to amaze. They truly are gifts to the world. Their small bodies hold hearts of gold, such as this sweet pup that never left his friend’s side when she was seriously injured.

As this pregnant and injured German shepherd lay helplessly on the side of the road, her fate would rest solely in the kindness of strangers. While she waited for someone to show her compassion, a small red dog stayed by her side.

As the red dog watched over his friend, a man driving by saw the dogs and stopped to help. Realizing the German shepherd was in bad shape, he immediately called Dream Fetchers Project Rescue, who rushed to the injured dog’s side.

Dream Catchers removed the German shepherd from the road but they didn’t know if she would survive her injuries. As they loaded her into their vehicle, the red dog followed closely along and climbed inside the vehicle with his friend.

They quickly drove the injured dog to the vet. As they drove, the sweet red pup rested his head on the belly of his injured friend, trying to comfort her as much as he could. The scene was one that continues to touch many hearts.

Once at the hospital, it was discovered that the German shepherd was carrying 11 puppies but she was also badly injured. She had several broken bones and would require lots of care.

The red dog now called Murphy stayed by his friend’s side but as she slowly began to recover at the hospital, he began backing off little by little. The rescuers knew that Murphy was a special dog and that he deserved a loving home of his own so they began to search for one for him.

Meanwhile, the German shepherd now called Marley gave birth to her puppies in the hospital. Despite being in casts and in pain, she cared for her puppies as best she could. This beautiful girl was a fighter.

Marley’s injuries were serious so it took a couple of years before she was completely healed but she and all her pups eventually all went to their own forever homes. Such a happy ending for all!

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