Stray Dog Went From Living On The Streets To Living Lavish With The Man Who Saved Him

This precious pup had a rough start in life. He was a stray living alone on the streets when a compassionate man saw him and thought, “someone needs to give him a better life.” That, someone, turned out to be him, even though he had never owned a dog before.

He packed the dog up in his car and drove him to his home in the country. The dog he would name Snoop seemed to understand his life just changed for the better and instantly bonded with his new dad.

It took Snoop about a minute to figure out he scored the best owner, ever. For Snoop, it is a “from rags to riches” story. He now had a full belly, land to roam, fields to run in, and, to his delight, plenty of mud puddles to splash in.

The best part? Lots of sticks…the bigger the better.

It didn’t take Snoop long to go from street dog to velcro dog, either. He follows his dad, Elliott, everywhere. A new experience for his dad too, since he never experienced a bond with a dog before, or even owned one before for that matter.

The pair are inseparable and certainly, Snoop’s life was saved. But Snoop came into Elliott’s life just at the right time, too. With covid, his dad now had a friend and companion to care for during the months of lockdowns and isolation. Their friendship was truly meant to be.

Everything about Snoop’s life is better except now that he’s living like a king. His only complaint is that since he’s living lavish, he has to take showers. But, after a little encouragement, he’s willing to endure them. Maybe he realizes they are a small price to pay for all the love he receives?

These two prove that dogs are meant to come into our lives for a reason and that dogs are simply the best. If you want to keep up with Snoop’s adventures, you can follow them on Instagram.

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