Taco ‘Bout Excited!Golden Retriever Goes Nuts When Human Sis Takes 1st Steps.

The love between Taco and her human sister, Vanora, is as pure as it gets.

Ever since Vanora came home from the hospital, Taco has been by her side. In doing so, he’s always made sure to celebrate her milestones, including being able to hold herself up using her crib so she can greet him each morning.

As exciting as these moments have been for both of them, it seems that Taco has been patiently waiting for one milestone in particular: Vanora taking her first steps.

Considering this Golden Retriever loves to play, it’s no wonder he can’t wait for his little sis to join in on the fun in a more interactive way. Even Verona being able to take some steps with a baby walker made him super excited — but none of these milestones could compare to the moment when Vanora finally began to walk all by herself.

As soon as Taco realized what was going on, he leapt off the couch and gave her some puppy kisses. Then, to ensure his sister wouldn’t fall down, he hurried back to the couch where he expressed his pure joy through the most adorable zoomies!

Watch Taco celebrate Vanora’s first steps in the video below.

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