The Cutest Thing ever:Watch 12 Rehabilitated Penguins Waddle Back To The Sea

Question: What’s better than one rehabilitated penguin going back into its natural habitat? Answer: 12 rehabilitated penguins going back into their natural habitat!

This is exactly what happened on June 15th, when the Argentinian organization Mundo Marino helped twelve Magellanic penguins walk into the ocean for the first time in months.

According to the organization, the penguins spent several months in rehabilitation after being found malnourished and dehydrated. Some of them were even suffering from hypothermia and other conditions.

Once they were in good health, they were set free on the beaches of San Clemente del Tuyu, on Argentina’s Atlantic coast.

A video of their release into the ocean shows the 12 adorable penguins walking together toward the water. There is even a little girl in a man’s arms who waves goodbye to the beautiful aquatic birds, and it is just the cutest thing ever!

Watch the video of the 12 penguins going back home below and share with a friend to wish them a safe migration journey.

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