The Dodo’s Pet Products Are Now At Walmart

Exciting news, Dodo fans! We’ve just released our own line of pet products, sold exclusively at Walmart.

Whether you’re looking for gear, toys, feeding accessories, apparel or grooming supplies, we’ve got you covered. Check out all of our brand-new Dodo pet products.

The Dodo Dog Harness is a step-in style dog harness, which means it’s designed to reduce neck strain. The wide-band chest coverage will keep your dog nice and comfortable by dispersing pressure across a larger area. Plus, the lining is made out of a breathable mesh that feels soft against your pup’s body. This harness is also super easy to use — the snap buckles make the harness easy to get on and off, and the sturdy iron D-rings on the back work with any leash, so it’s perfect for pups who don’t like having their harnesses put on over their heads. And when it gets dirty from all those walks, just pop it in the washing machine (on cold) and air dry it afterwards. The Dodo Dog Harness is available in a small, medium and large size, and comes in two styles: striped and blue Dodo print.

The Dodo Cork Dog Collar is our take on a vegan, eco-friendly collar that’s also super cute. Not only is cork super lightweight, but it’s also a renewable resource that’s sturdy enough to create a leather-like material. It also has a convenient snap buckle that makes it really easy to get this collar on and off your pup. The Dodo Cork Dog Collar is available in a small, medium and large size, and comes in two styles: striped and red Dodo print.

The Dodo Bungee Dog Leash has a padded neoprene loop, so it’s comfortable to hold onto while you’re walking your pup. The bungee design stretches and recoils as your dog pulls, so it absorbs some of that shock and reduces strain for you both. The Dodo Bungee Leash has two different length options, thanks to the “heel” control handle, so you can quickly pull in your pup if he gets too excited by something he sees. The metal latch is made to attach securely to any D-ring.

The Dodo Crinkle Flattie is a stuffingless dog toy, making it a great option for pups who destroy their plushies in five seconds flat. The squeaker and crinkle texture will get your dog excited, while the heavy-duty ballistic twill material adds durability so your pup is free to play rough. The Dodo Crinkle Flatte is available in three different styles: red fox, hippo and sloth.

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