The story of how a stray cat protected a lost puppy and how it all ended

Olga and her family had a dog named Baby. The dog wasn’t vaccinated and Olga was afraid to take him for walks. But as soon as the dog got vaccinated Baby enjoyed his everyday walks with Olga. But one day an unexpected accident happened to them. While they were walking the alarm system of the street howled very loudly and the puppy got frightened. He began to run as fast as he could and Olga couldn’t catch him.

The whole family was upset about the loss of the dog and they started to search for the little Baby. They gave advertisements on the news about the dog and searched where they could but the dog was lost. However, Olga couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t meet Baby again.

Another woman named Anna was on a vacation. One day she was walking with her dog when she noticed a puppy. But the puppy didn’t approach and ran away. The next day on the balcony Anna noticed the same puppy with many stray cats. She saw how they ate together and one of the cats protected the puppy. The gray cat hissed when other cats ate the puppy’s food. Anna was attentive and she noticed that the cats were doing the same thing every single day and the gray cat was again protecting the little puppy and then was playing with him.

She told this story to her friends and among them was a friend of Olga too. She told the story and Olga rushed to check if it was her puppy or not. Olga and Anna waited for the cats and when they came Olga was the happiest girl ever. She recognized her dog and took her. But she was touched by the deeds of the gray cat and took home

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