The Toucan Touki Hates Loneliness

Meet a capricious toucan who captures everyone around him with power. Learn how he made a woman stay with her at home for about 2 years.

Janelle Tsao took home an injured toucan and started caring for her very attentively. She named him Touki and did everything that he needed for getting well sooner. But as soon as she tried to leave the bird at home and go to work the toucan started to scream very loudly and felt very anxious.

Janelle had to hire someone who would stay with that wild bird while she was at work. The poor woman who stayed with Touki hasn’t gone on vacation for more than 2 years. 

Caring for toucans is not an easy job and takes a lot of time, effort, and money. They eat only fresh food, vegetables, and berries that are expensive. Besides They go to the toilet every 10 minutes. So Janelle is a hero that continues to bear the capricious nature of Touki and doesn’t let her live in the wild. She claims that Touki has adapted to his home life and it will be difficult for him to live in the wild.  

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