This Cat Was Rescued After Spending 2 years Trapped In A Carrier…

This cat named Samuel was rescued after spending almost his entire life trapped in a pet carrier. When he was found, his rescuers believed it was too late. Samuel was trapped in a small cat carrier for two years, and was only skin and bones when he was taken to BARC, an animal shelter in Houston, Texas.

The cat had swollen eyes due to scabies and suffered a long list of expensive medical problems. With such a poor prognosis, Samuel would be scheduled for euthanasia as soon as the waiting period required for the shelter is over.

Isolated from humans and other animals for two years, the loving cat was close to never experiencing love. But fortunately only a few hours before it was scheduled to be sacrificed, a BARC employee posted a photo on the Internet.

Leslie Raines, a veterinary technician in the Houston area, was sick at home that day and ran into Samuel’s picture.

“Someone had posted a picture of a very thin cat that had tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). He knew that would not give him a good start to trying to get out of the shelter, and he looked so sad. So I posted to some of the rescue groups saying that if I could get support, I would take care of it. “

Cat rescued was 2 years trapped in a pet carrier

Then, Save A Purrfect Cat Rescue (SAPCR) accepted Samuel, and one of Leslie’s customers at the clinic offered to take the sick cat out of the shelter.

Leslie said:

“Honestly he thought he was going to die when he was in the car, he was in such bad shape.

When Samuel arrived at the veterinary, the medical treatment began immediately. The vets could see that he was dangerously thin and covered with mange, and that he had pressure wounds from being confined in a small space for so long.

Despite his ragged appearance and scaly skin, Leslie remained optimistic.

As Samuel gained weight and his vision returned, his fear of being given free rein in a comfortable homely environment began to change. He went from hiding behind the couch for days, to perching on his cat carrier, his “comfort zone,” according to Leslie.

Leslie said:

“As he began to come out of his shell more and more, it was as if he had to learn to be a cat. I did not know how to play. If you put it in a piece of furniture, it fell down, and walking on the floor was like embers. “

As the months went by, and Samuel’s thick black and white fur grew, he still had fears to win. He was afraid of his own shadow

When it was finally time to meet the prospective adopters almost a year later, Samuel was once again the frightened kitten when surrounded by new people.

Amuel is happy in a home forever

Until a man named Bryan Smith came across Samuel’s photo on the Internet. Samuel reminded Smith of the Maine Coon he had lost due to cancer the previous year, and when they finally met, everything changed.

When Bryan met Samuel, he sat on the floor next to the kennel and started talking to him. Samuel’s expression was completely different than it had ever been, he simply relaxed. I was calm

But Leslie was not entirely convinced, until Samuel told her in his own way, that he was ready to move on.

Leslie said:

“In a moment [Samuel] came and meowed me, and then he walked over to Bryan. It was as if he was saying to me: ‘This is’ “.

In just one year, Samuel was transformed into the handsome and fluffy cat he was supposed to be. Now he is happy at home with his new father, and the two are healing together. And all your fears have disappeared.

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