This desperate dog runs away from his new home every day… Here’s what his owner finds out following him…

A dog’s connection with its owner can be tremendous, and this bond typically lasts long after the pet has passed away. Because dogs have a shorter life than humans, owners typically have to deal with the loss of a pet more frequently than a dog would have to deal with the loss of his master. However, a recent incident shows that dogs may grieve deeply when one of their own dies.

Mehmet Ilhan died in January of 2017. He was 79 years old when he died, and he had been immobile for the previous few years due to a major disease.

Cesur, Mehmet’s dog, spent a great deal of time with him throughout those years.

Cesur’s devotion to Mehmet was evident in the days leading up to his death when the owner was in the hospital for a few days. During these days, the dog refused to eat. The body of Mehmet was returned and readied for the funeral after he died.

Cesur stayed with his owner’s body till the funeral day arrived.
Cesur took part in the funeral procession at the funeral. Cesur also hung his head respectfully during the funeral procession. The dog would not let anyone to touch him until the coffin was buried in the ground.

Cesur is now living with Ali, Mehmet’s son. After introducing Cesur inside his home, Ali recognized something odd about him. After Ali left for work, Cesur would flee the house for several hours. Ali was astounded by what he witnessed when he followed the dog one day.

The dog dashed over to Mehmet’s grave and sat for hours. Every morning, cemetery employees claim to see the mourning dog.

Cesur, according to Ali, is a noble and faithful dog. He has promised to give the finest possible care to a dog who was a loyal companion to his father in his final years.

Watch Cesur’s story in the video below:

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