Too Young, And Too Skinny To Be So Heavily Pregnant, She Meowed For Help To Everyone Who Walked On By!


Clearly a stray, the cat was also very friendly, meowing at all the people who were walking by, and rubbing up against anyone who showed her attention.

Though she was pregnant, she was also very thing so Yvonne decided to take the kitten into work with her.

She knew it would be OK as she worked with a group of cat lovers.

Knowing the ladies at the office would be more than willing to help, the stray was given the name Boba because of her round belly. A bed was made for her in one of the spare rooms which was followed by a nutritious meal of tuna, dry food, and milk.

Her nest ready, she was made a comfortable as possible.

Knowing she was now in a safe place to deliver her babies, Boba was friendly with everyone.

A few nights after her arrival there was a big storm, and when everyone arrived at work the next day, they found Boba had given birth to eight kittens!

No mean feat for such a young, skinny kitten.

They were only hours old.

Boba had given birth to four boys and four girls and proving herself to be a good mom despite her age. There were five tabbies, two gingers, and one calico – all so cute.

And there they were, a purrfect pile of newborn kittens taking a nap, completely unaware they are being watched by a group of caring cat ladies.

Two weeks after birth their eyes began to open.

No Ice, in the photo below is the smallest, and also considered to be the sweetest.

And this is Grass Jelly, he’s the biggest of the bunch!

But what a cutie patooty, check out those claws!

Then there are the two gingers Milk Topping and Pudding.

Pudding has a white forehead.

And here’s Oolong, what a sweet face.

Check out those eyebrows!

This is Black Sugar.

He’s full of sass!

And here’s Oat being silly…

Giving himself an uncoordinated bath.

Here they all are grouped together for a family portrait 

Boba has proven herself to be a wonderful and doting mother, and as you can imagine all the ladies at the office are finding it hard to concentrate on working when there are so many kittens distracting them!

Everyone agreed that the family could stay until they were ready to be put up for adoption.

Mother Boba will be spayed and hopefully will find a home with one or two of her kittens.

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