Two Frightened Pit Bulls Who Huddled Each Other At Shelter On Their Way To Brighter Future

In poignant video, we meet two dogs who are so inextricably linked that their souls are entwined. It is told by a very special person, their guardian angel and foster mother.

“I saw a picture of them hunched over in the corner, holding onto each other,” the woman begins. They appeared to be completely shattered.”

The woman goes on to say that their owner abandoned them at the shelter and that they had no idea why. Can you imagine how terrified they were?

The woman and her husband jumped into their car and drove as quickly as they could to the shelter. They had a feeling they were supposed to foster the two dogs. They signed them out of the shelter and loaded them into their vehicle.

The woman begins by describing Louie’s timidity. He’d hide beneath Bridget, his sister, and shake with fear. Louie was gladly shielded by Bridget. She knew what she was doing, and she did it well.

Bridget found her favorite spot on the sofa when they arrived at their new foster home. She curled up and slept happily all day. What a contrast to a chilly concrete floor! Bridget was finally able to relax her guard because she knew Louie would be fine.

The dogs had never been in a situation where they felt safe. They didn’t seem to be used to living in a real house either. It’s likely that they were kept outside before, wherever they had been. Everything had to be taught to them by their new foster parents. The dogs eagerly learned everything from crate training to housebreaking. Especially since they were being taught these new skills in a loving manner.

Despite the fact that each dog had their own crate, Louie would crawl inside with Bridget and lay as close to her as possible. Their foster parents recognized that all he wanted was to feel safe, so they let them share a crate.

“But it wasn’t until we introduced Bridget and Louie to our dogs that we really saw a change in them,” their guardian angel continues. The two dogs, who had been through so much, could finally relax and enjoy themselves.

Bridget and Louie started to adjust to their new surroundings, but one thing remained constant: their bond. The other followed where the first went. This was never in doubt. And it was clear that they would have to be adopted together.

Monica, a woman, contacted me. Since their first photo, she had been following Bridget and Louie on social media. “They wormed their way into her heart before she even met them,” their foster mother says.

Monica was born to be their new mother, and it was only a matter of time before she became their new mother. Even though it was difficult to say goodbye, their foster mother knew they would have the best life possible with her. They packed their belongings into the car and drove to their new home. This was, of course, bittersweet. Their foster mother was overjoyed that they had found the perfect home, but she knew she would miss them.

Bridget and Louie have been in their forever home for several years and have settled in nicely. Louie has come out of his shell completely. Their everlasting family adores them. It’s a foster parent’s dream come true.

In the video below, The Dodo tells their entire story. Also, please consider fostering if you have the resources. It’s a crucial step in the journey of a rescue dog. Many dogs would not have a home or would end up in kill shelters if fosters were not available.


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