Viral Video Of Dog Driving Tesla Was Staged

If you happened to see the viral video of an unaccompanied dog driving a Tesla that was circulating the Internet this month, you may have wondered where to dog’s owners were or how the pup ended up in the car on auto-pilot alone. Well, we have all the answers now: The entire thing was staged.

The video was first shared by Blake Messick, who claimed to have seen the dog driving alone. He filmed the incident and shared it on social media, and it was picked up by news stations:

In the video, you could see a small poodle-looking dog in the driver’s seat of a Tesla, and seemingly no one else in the car.

The car was moving down the road, and Blake filmed it, appearing to be shocked at what he was seeing.

However, after the video successfully went full-blown viral, Messick came out and admitted that he had, indeed, staged the entire thing.

He shared on YouTube and TikTok that he spent years thinking about making the video, and spent months planning how to properly execute it. His goal was to get it to go viral, and he succeded in that.

To make the video a success, Messick got a stunt driver and a consultation with an animal stunts trainer. They rented a Tesla and found a private road to film on, borrowing a friend’s little dog for the clip.

In a TikTok video, Messick explained that he’d reached out to an advertising agency about making a video that would generate a couple of million views. Since posting viral-style videos on YouTube since 2017, he’d had little success gaining more than a few thousand views, so he wanted help from a professional.

However, the company replied and told him that a video that would generate a few million views was likely out of his budget.

Seemingly wanting to prove the company wrong, Messick set out to finally create the video that’d been in his head for years – the one he knew would go viral and be a major success. And he’d do it without help from the advertising agency.

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