Viral Challenge Shows How Dogs And Cats React to Obstacles In Their Way

There has been a long-standing rivalry between cat people and dog people. It just seems to be something that brings out the best (and worst) in people. It seems as if there may finally be an answer to the debate, and we have a Twitter challenge to thank for it. It is known as the “Cat vs Dog Challenge” and it shows the hilarious difference between the species.

It started with this video of a cat and dog competing in an unusual way.

The challenge is for the dogs and cats to compete with each other by overcoming obstacles. The test is for them to make their way through the obstacles and to see how differently they complete the task. After the first challenge was posted, many pet owners decided to follow suit. It shows just how different the species are but it doesn’t necessarily say if one is better than the other.

Admittedly, all pets are different but the challenge did show that there were some similarities between all dogs and all cats when it came to this challenge. The original video showed a black cat carefully walking through products on the floor. The dog then tried to do something similar, but he ended up knocking everything down on his way through.

It wasn’t long before others were jumping on the challenge with both feet.

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