Woman Takes Photos Of Little Bird Having An Absolute Blast In The Bath She Set Up For Him

Bird baths have been in Carla Moore-Williams’ yard for more than ten years. She lives near a lot of birds, and she wanted to give them a safe place to hang out where she could take great pictures of them.

One day, a small bluebird came by and decided to take a bath and relax. Moore-Williams took out her camera right away because she was excited to get some cute, classy pictures of the visitor.

“We have a lot of eastern bluebirds, and this is just one of them,” Moore-Williams told The Dodo. “I take pictures of them all whenever I get the chance.” “I love taking pictures of bluebirds because they make me laugh, especially when they are drenched.”

Moore-Williams took pictures of the bluebird as it splashed around, but they didn’t turn out quite the way she had hoped.

The bluebird was splashing around so much that the water was flying everywhere. This made the photos look less elegant and more silly and jumbled. The bluebird, of course, had a great time and had no idea that he had changed the way his host took pictures. He just couldn’t contain his joy.

Moore-Williams said, “I thought the photos were terrible, but they made people laugh, which was great.”

Moore-Williams loves taking pictures of all the birds that come to her backyard, and the birds love coming to eat, bathe, and hang out there. They aren’t always the easiest things to take pictures of, but at least that makes for very interesting and often funny pictures.

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